The Enhancement Center, Inc puts a lot of emphasis on peer support when it comes to senior care. There is something reassuring about getting support from an individual who is going through the same journey in life as you are – the same health challenges, family issues, and emotional problems. It makes you want to do everything you can to support each other and get through life together.

It’s incredibly encouraging for seniors to see someone their age still succeed at life and find happiness. That pushes them to fight to conquer their challenges, so they can live the life they deserve. “If someone else was able to do it, then I can do it too” – this is the kind of mentality we want to instill in our clients through the peer support program.

Provided by peers, this service is structured and scheduled activities for adults age 18 and older with a diagnosis of mental health and substance use disorders. This is an individualized, recovery-focused service that allows individuals the opportunity to learn to manage their own recovery and advocacy process.

Interventions by peer support staff serve to enhance the development of natural supports, as well as coping and self-management skills. They may also provide supportive services to assist an individual in community re-entry following hospitalization.

Specific interventions include self-help, system advocacy, individual advocacy, pre-crisis and post-crisis support, housing, education/employment, meals, and social activities.