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Giving You the Will to Try and the Faith to Believe that Home Care is Possible
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Alpha Home Care Services, Inc. abides by a mission to provide a comprehensive and compassionate level of services: we are committed to helping individuals take matters of their health care into their own hands. This way, we can help them become more involved in their care, improving their independence and dignity and leading them towards a better quality of life altogether.

About Our Business

Alpha Home Care Services, Inc. was established in 2001 in North Carolina by a team of healthcare professionals driven by their goal to meet the health needs of the various segments of the population. We aim to give people the choice to remain and stay healthy in their own homes, where they can receive professional and responsive care in a serene, positive, and peaceful environment.

Among the many quality care solutions we offer are Nursing Care, Assisted Living, Group Home, PSR, and Peer Support. Plus, with a team headed by a kindhearted Administrator and backed by a brilliant Physician, Therapists, Quality Assurance Staffs, highly-Qualified and dedicated Professionals, and a warm and friendly care staffs, our objective of delivering safe and dependable home care is regularly achieved.

Word has gotten out about our professionalism and expertise over the years, and we’ve been getting referrals and excellent reviews on a regular basis. This has prompted us to take our services up a notch and constantly improve in the ways we serve our communities. We are always looking to hire determined and experienced healthcare experts to better provide for the needs of our ailing community members.

What sets our services apart from the rest is its focus on each individual client’s needs, promoting independence and preserving dignity by getting each person more involved in their care.

For more details about our company, please feel free to call us at 984-232-8887.